Banzai Icons

2017 ⟶ Ongoing
Set of 150+ icons for Banzai. The goal with this icon set was to expand the surface area of Banzai’s branding, creating small opportunities to delight users in printed marketing materials, on the web, and in Banzai’s various apps.

Banzai icons are drawn on a 48px ✕ 48px grid. I developed a standardized grid and guideline system to ensure that future designers will be able to easily draw new icons that feel harmonious with the rest of the icon set.

Usage dictates how new icons are drawn: at all times, they should be expressive, universally understandable, and legible even at small sizes. While Banzai’s brand voice ought to be expressed through the iconography, it is equally important that Banzai icons are simple and clear.

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