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Dragon Quest poster for Maridia, released in commemoration of Dragon Quest XI coming to Nintendo Switch.

The poster references Akira Toriyama’s iconic slime monster design, deriving its color scheme from the three slimes that stack atop one another in various Dragon Quest games. The lone metal slime in the center of the poster alludes to that enemy’s rarity.

A very limited print run (15) of a special metallic silver ‘Metal Slime’ edition is also available.

  • 500mm ✕ 700mm (19.75in ✕ 27.5in)
  • Standard edition of 50, Special ‘Metal Slime’ edition of 15
  • Screenprinting by Vahalla Studios
  • 100# French Grout Gray / Blacktop papers
  • Hand numbered
  • Printed in USA

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