Banzai Course App

2016 ⟶ 2019

Product design for Banzai’s course app. The course app is Banzai’s flagship product; users move their way through a series of lifelike financial dilemmas, learning how to budget their money and prepare for emergencies.

When I was hired at Banzai, my first project was to take the lead on completely rethinking Banzai’s course app, which at the time relied on a combination of a web app and printed booklets for users to complete. In close partnership with one developer, I worked through the strategy, user experience, and user interface of the course app.

The release of the first version of the course app coincided with the release of Banzai Junior, Banzai’s first course for elementary school students. Since then I have made numerous iterations and additions to the course app. I led UI design at every stage of the process until I left Banzai in 2019.

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