Banzai Icons V3


Set of 400+ icons for Banzai, the life literacy company. This icon set is an update of previous work I had done for Banzai in 2019. For V3, drawn as part of a larger brand refresh, I wanted to create a set of icons that would last Banzai for years to come.

I wanted the new icons to (1) refine the icons I had already drawn for Banzai, (2) achieve parity with the Pendant Icons I drew for Banzai’s sister product, and (3) work in harmony with VC Cardinal, Banzai’s brand typeface.

In reality, Banzai Icons go far beyond what I did for Pendant, with more than twice as many icons in the set. Both icon sets are built upon the same grid system, though, so designers on either product can switch between them with ease.

To capture Banzai’s friendly, enthus­iastic voice, the icon set is built on a geometric base, with rounded corners and stroke caps. The icons cover common UI- and product-related needs, as well as depicting objects from Banzai’s real-world life scenarios.

I also developed a set of guidelines for other designers to follow for adding new icons to the set.

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