Banzai Icons V2

2017, 2019
Note: this icon set was updated in 2024 → Banzai Icons V3.

Set of 150+ icons for Banzai, drawn in 2017 and redone in 2019. The 2017 icon set expanded the surface area of Banzai’s branding, creating small opportunities to delight users in printed marketing materials, on the web, and in Banzai’s various apps. But the icons didn’t hold up at small sizes.

To that end, I updated the icon set in 2019, using a smaller 32px ✕ 32px grid. I developed a standardized grid and guideline system to ensure that future designers would be able to easily draw new icons that feel harmonious with the rest of the icon set.

Images of the 2017 icon set can be viewed in my archive.

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